“Hogan’s tactical mind grasped the complexities of the three-dimensional world below the surface. To fight effectively underground you had to know the lay of the labyrinth, and remain mobile enough to out manoeuvre your opponent in the tunnels; and he commanded his squads through the mines like blood through arteries carrying the cure for the disease of Glonard infestation.”

Game System

Dwarf War is not just a game, it is a game system which has a number of different rule sets: solo, cooperative, scenarios with specific win conditions, and our favorite, all out subterranean wars for up to 4 players. Careful, those can consume a whole weekend in a fiery flash. The modular nature of the game gives it a high replay-ability, makes it very suitable to come up with your own rules and allows for infinite expansion and adaptions.


The beautifully modeled caverns stack to truly form 3d dimension right on you tabletop. Not only is it a nice eye catcher, which wouldn't look misplaced on any coffee-table! It is also a game element in the form of "verticality-of-attack" which grants you attack bonuses or penalties if you are fighting up or down hill. Or tunnels in our case!

Deterministic Gameplay

Dwarf War truly is a strategic gamers fantasy, of course there is a pinch of luck involved. You can tunnel into a cavern rich in resources or one that is flooded or full of lava. But a dwarf makes his own luck underground and the amount of luck involved can be altered based on scenario, expansions or a few simple house-rules. But there are no dice involved. Unless you need to break a tie, in which case man-to-man combat could work, but we recommend rolling a die, or tossing a coin!

Solo / Co-op

The solo/coop rules allow for individual or cooperative play through a seven game campaign against the Game System.

Fun for all

Dwarf War is guaranteed to challenge your tactical and strategic senses as well as delight your aesthetic ones. It is comprised of detailed paintable caverns and towers, but can be played easily out-of-the-box.


You can begin with our 12 cavern, 2-Player starter set featuring the First Contact of two ancient nations and then expand it to 4-player for more massive and intricate play. Finally, you can extend the game with Zombies, war machines and a few other surprises we are keeping deep in our mines.


Meet the talented design team behind the Dwarf War game.


Moondance Games B.V.


Dwarf War was Mark's idea and is based in the world of his fantasy novel: Winter the Vracken's Gate. Not wanting to do yet another computer game, he came up with the idea making a 3 dimensional boardgame. Pasting together the first prototype Mark showed it to Robert and Moondance Games was born.

Idea after idea and iteration after iteration the prototype evolved over a year to what you see today. A high quality product we could manufacture ourselves using 3D printing.

Moondance Games is currently operating out of Mark's shed and a room full of 3D printers. The ideas never stop coming.

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Rules & Tutorials

Jump straight to our Tutorials section and dive right into a game of Dwarf War. Or download one of the full rule sets or additional documents.

Battle Rules Walk Through

Battle Rules - v0.9.4

Battle Scenarios - v0.1

Solo/Coop Tutorial

Dwarf War - Solo/Coop v0.9

Solo/Coop Scenario: Retrake the Outlands v0.2

1-2 Player 12 Cavern Set reference sheet

3-4 Player 9 Cavern Set reference sheet


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